Written By:  Mark Welch

As this holiday approaches, and people start to light their grills to cook delightful dishes I would be remiss to remind my friends that diabetics cannot eat nor drink what our non-diabetic friends indulge in.

The holiday is here.  Is the food your serving good for all your guests? Independence Day is full of wonderful foods and drinks.  Most are full of sugar and high on Carbohydrates.  Does this mean the diabetic can’t enjoy the party?  Not at all.

First of all, if you are hosting your party and know a diabetic is going to attend, take that to heart and prepare a dish or two that is diabetic friendly!  Such would be raw veggies, salads with no dressings (you can serve that in a side bowl).  Put out Splenda  instead of sugar.  Buy or make one desert that is diabetic friendly.  You can find tons of them online by simple searches on Google.

If you are a diabetic going to a party, call your host and let them know that you are diabetic.  Most times than not, your host will be sympathetic to your needs and understand.  The best part is when your attending you can talk to your host.  You will be surprised at how many questions they will have for you.  You just might open up another mind to diabetes.  Your host might even tell you that they have a diabetic family member and has never thought about cooking diabetic recipes before.

If you are hosting the party, keep in mind that your guest may not only be diabetic, but may have other health concerns.  One guest might be allergic to certain foods such as peanuts.  Another may have high blood pressure.  When hosting a party you are the chef and ultimately take responsibility serving the food.  Taking a few precautions and serving a mixture of foods that your guests can choose from will not only make your party a hit, but will make you the hit of the party.