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By:  Sherry Miller, Miami, Fla. USA pub. Aug 23 2011, page 36
The Diabetic Friend in the News

For the millions who have been diagnosed with Diabetes I or II, there now is a website/blog designed to help and assist people searching for information about their disease and meet other diabetic’s and make friends sharing personal stories, symptoms, and medication side-effects as well as a myriad of other related experiences.

The Diabetic Friend in the News.  “The Diabetic Friend’ was created by Mark E. Welch, a published author and writer, after being diagnosed himself less than a year ago.

Welch shares his experiences as a child with his Grandma, remembering coming home from school and finding her unconscious on the floor. Knowing then only to give her orange juice and sugar and call an ambulance, Welch reflects on the medical progress made on this disease that afflicts millions of Americans today.

“Thank goodness we’ve come a long way since then!” commented 47 year old Mark Welch. “I know now she had become hypoglycemic from an overdose of her insulin, and, or not eating enough food to regulate her diabetes.”

Mark’s own personal wake-up call came over a vacation back home to Maine recently when he indulged in his favorite foods of pizza, lobster, sweets, fried clams, sugar and more sugar.

A week after arriving back home, Welch began to feel worse and researched the Web for answers but could find none.

After being rushed to the ER and after tedious days of non-stop intravenous insulin feedings and extensive tests was Mark released with medications and prescriptions and brief and general instructions how to adjust his lifestyle.

“There was no ‘diabetic team’ anywhere to be found I realized feeling lost, helpless and vulnerable,” he informed. After weeks of floundering, Mark Welch finally enlisted his own created “Team” of Specialists and Doctor’s that could help him getting the proper tests, medications and education on living with this illness on a daily basis.

He also went to the web and on his social networks began building his own following of other diabetics looking for solutions and answers. Finally Welch decided to create his own website. collaborating with All Design Studio and Eva Gustafsson whom Mark has worked with for years, “The Diabetic Friend’ was launched. Within days responses and replies came in sharing personal diabetic experiences and ordeals. The site has grown to a myriad of subject matter, posts, links, blogs and, more importantly, people caring and sharing.

“There are a lot of good stories too,” added Mark. “Thanks to sharing with friends, many followers have learned how to eat right and exercise in a personal way they can enjoy and are starting to beat this disease.”

The goal and objective of The Diabetic Friend website is to help not only diabetics but potential pre-diabetics and be a resource for friends and family members that are interested or have concerns about diabetes and want to help their diabetic friends.

The information on the site is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and or a replacement for one’s Medical Doctor, Nutritionist or other Health Care Professional in the diabetic patient’s team.

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