You won’t regret getting this book!

Gretchen Becker’s “The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed” is very well-organized, easy to read, and wonderfully educational.

Featured Book. ┬áIt is organized based on the information you need and the amount of detail you can assimilate — in other words, first things first, with finer points and expanded details later in the book.

The information she presents includes the most recent research. She discusses the merits and myths of the most popular diets and treatments you will hear about.

I got her book when I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, before talking with a diabetes educator or attending any classes on diabetes. By the time I was formally educated, I had already heard everything from Gretchen’s book, and was also able to identify some dated traditional information. She really helped me understand why there isn’t a consensus of opinion on the “best” diet for diabetics, and the source of many unfounded and/or unsubstantiated arguments for and against the popular approaches. For example, she discusses the pros and cons of the Food Pyramid (USDA, ADA), low-fat diets (Ornish, etc), exchange diets (ADA, Zone, Weight Watchers, etc), low-carb diets (Atkins, etc).

If you are in the “Your body, your science experiment” camp, she tells you several easy experiments to learn more about your own body processes various foods so you can take control and fine tune your own treatment.

Gretchen studied biology for 8 years at Radcliffe/Harvard, where she was a PhD Candidate, published two papers in peer-reviewed journals, and then dropped out to take a more lucrative job as a live-in maid in Manhattan. After hitting the “glass ceiling” in the world of domestic service, she moved on to other jobs including lab technician, newspaper reporter, woodenware salesperson, cheese plant worker, and tax assessor. She is now a freelance editor of medical books and journals and lives on a small sheep farm in Vermont.

Since her diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in 1996, she has devoted much time to learning about this chronic disease and to using her background in both science and journalism to help educate fellow patients throughout the world (via the Internet) so they can take control of their disease and avoid serious complications. She is the author of The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed
and Prediabetes: What You Need to Know to Keep Diabetes Away (Marlowe Diabetes Library)
and coauthor of The Four Corners Diet: The Healthy Low-Carb Way of Eating for a Lifetime
She also writes for Health Central.