By Mark E. Welch, AS, CPhT, Columnist

Sometimes it is not about Diabetes

Sometimes it is not about Diabetes

Today diabetics are at risk more than ever with COVID-19 threatening our lives. With this, however sometimes other problems compound our problems.

At times like these, diabetes may take a back seat. People in our lives might undergo much more traumatic problems than being diagnosed with diabetes. Is being diagnosed with a disease such as diabetes traumatic?  You bet it is.

However, what if your mother is diagnosed with cancer or your brother has had a stroke? Relating to diseases and autoimmune diseases especially is a difficult task.  Recently, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I had diabetes. I would not want to to trade one for another. Thankfully, she is clear after treatment. Friends are still battling with memory problems when they were struck down by a stroke.

Yes, I could at some point lose my leg because of this cursed disease and I cannot eat everything that I want to eat. So be it at this time. The one thing about diabetes it can be controlled, and in the case of Type 2, it is possible to reverse it with proper diet and exercise. Talking to your doctor will help you greatly.

Cancer is a major problem, as well as Aids, Stroke, COVID-19 and other health issues, especially when it comes to our children. Obesity is also a major concern. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Diabetes sucks however someday we will cure all  that affects us.