You went to the Hospital or doctor and was told your blood sugar was through the roof and your diabetic. Don’t Panic! You just joined a club with millions of members.

Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes Don't Panic

By: Mark Welch, AS, CPhT

Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes? Don’t Panic.  Then they told you that you were type 1 or 2 (what the heck does that mean) gave you a prescription, told you to take the meds and we’ll see you in 3 month’s. DON’T PANIC! They might even told you to blow dry your feet (what the heck does that mean). DON’T PANIC!

Diabetes has many different faces and means different things for every one with the disease.

The first thing you have to realize that your diabetes is NOT YOUR FAULT. Diabetes is hereditary. Whether you get it as a child or later in life it is genetic. I’m sure you didn’t choose your parents, grand parents or even great grand parents. And it’s not their fault either as they were passed down the diabetic gene from their ancestors. So get rid of the guilt and let’s move on to the now and the future.

What do you do now?

Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes? Pretty simple. Lifestyle change. Again, don’t panic. Diabetes today is not what it was years ago.

Quite simply, follow your doctors orders, take your meds and start educating yourself through this site and others. With just a little research you will find yourself actually helping yourself with diet, exercise and before you realize it, you will actually have your diabetes under control, you will fell better than you ever have in your live. You may even, as you learn how to make delicious diabetic recipes, you will serve them to your family and they won’t know the difference! The food dishes available to you are extensive as well as medications and professional help. Your not alone and your not terminal. You just need to wrap your mind around your condition and educate yourself.

Source:  The American Diabetes Association