Mark’s Fall off the bone baby back ribs

Fall off the bone baby back ribs

For years I have been trying to perfect this recipe for ribs that was low Carb. It’s not the pork it is what you put on it.. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I had to rethink how I ate and what foods to eat.

Fall off the bone baby back ribs. Ribs were always a favorite of mine, however the store bought BBQ sauce and other ingredients would not allow me to have these delights. No more!

I have come up with a recipe that is friendly for diabetics. The ingredients are quite simple, however the cook time is fairly long. The end result, is however, a great dish that tastes great and is good for the entire family. Diabetic or not. Cook this and you will be the King of the back yard BBQ in your neighborhood!


1 rack of baby back ribs (fat trimmed)

Dry Rub (I make my own using paprika, basil, etc. Be creative! Adobo all purpose is a good one)

Home made basting glaze (to follow)


Instructions for Fall off the bone baby back ribs

1. Preheat your oven to 150-175 degrees F. or prepare your BBQ with a medium amount of briquettes. (We don’t want a lot of heat here!)

2. Dry rub the ribs on all sides.

3. Triple wrap the ribs in heavy duty foil.

4. Place the ribs (RIB SIDE DOWN) on the heat. The rib cage protects the meat from the heat and will allow it to slow cook and become tender without burning. We don’t care if the rib side chars a bit.

5. When your oven/grill is ready, cook for 4 – 5 hours (depending on your oven/grill as temperatures will differ. The goal here is to slow cook the meat!)

6. While the meat is cooking prepare the sauce. Remember, don’t drown the meat in the sauce. You want to use a brush and lightly baste the ribs when finishing. Do NOT baste during initial slow cook. (Instructions to follow).


The Glaze:

In a small bowl mix:

3 Tble. spoons of light brown sugar (or Splenda…I can tolerate brown sugar)

1 Tble spoon of orange juice (you can experiment with lime juice to your taste, etc.)

A touch of cinnamon (Great taste and great for diabetics)

Water to create a semi-thick base (like common BBQ sauce)

Mix well and set aside (again experiment with ingredients that are sugar free and low carb)


Remove the ribs when fork tender and set aside. ( 4-5 hours) Re-fire your grill and get hot (400 degrees) I do not recommend using an oven to finish the ribs. Grilling is the best. However if you have to, set the oven on broil.

Brush the ribs LIGHTLY with your sauce and put meat side down on the grill for 3 minutes or until glazing occurs.

Remove from the grill/oven let rest for 2 – 5 minutes and serve.