Written By:  Lenore Taylor

My name is Lenore and my mother developed diabetes when she was 40 years old, and lived until 84.

My Diabetic Mom.  She was at one time over 250 lbs and lost weight to 140 lbs when she discovered she was diabetic.  My mom was about 5’6-8″ tall.  Every morning she took insulin in large doses and sometimes had to take it again at night.

At that time, which was in the 60’s, they did not have the meters or the equipment to test like they do today.  Her equipment to test her sugar, consisted of a test tube, a small eye dropper and a solution called Benedict.  She would put 10 drops of solution and 5-10 drops of urine in the tube.  It would change color according to how much sugar she had in her blood.  Blue meant it was clear, green, a small amount of sugar, yellow, orange and red was extreme amount of sugar and she would have to take more insulin. She had a glass syringe that was kept in an alcohol solution to keep it sterilized. She would have to change this once a week.  She would change the needle often Your skin becomes quite tough because of the injections, and the needle would become dull or break.

I was a working mom and my son which was very young , about 5-6 years old would come home from school and sometimes find my mom going in a coma.  He was taught by me to give his grandmother some orange juice or sugar with water on a spoon and call 9ll and then me at work.

With correct diagnosis early with a doctors supervision a person can manage and live a long and good life by taking proper care of themselves.

I was fortunate to have a mom who did that, , and enjoyed a long and happy life to see her grandson to grow up to be a successful young man.

May you find some help and information by reading some these stories to guide you in the correct decisions to do the same, so that you will enjoy a wonderful life with your families.

Mark is my son who has diabetes, and I am proud that he can share his story and his site the diabetic friend and information so that it might give you a better and longer life with your family.

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