Advertising.  The Diabetic Friend has strict guidelines for advertising on said site.
Last updated: October 4, 2011


Paid advertising must be within the scope of  our Mission.
1. The ad must be diabetic and/or health orientated in nature.
2. The Diabetic Friend will not advertise nor endorse prescribed medications that are not FDA approved
3. The Diabetic Friend will consider health supplements that support bettering health, however, the supplement must have a proven history in helping with an individuals health or well being.
4. The Diabetic Friend will not endorse ‘gimmicks’ of any kind.
5. All paid ads will undergo thorough scrutiny before being accepted by The Diabetic Friend.


Not For Profit advertising
Not for profit ads can and will be accepted at little or no cost if the advertiser adheres to The Diabetic Friend Mission.  (see above)
Ads will be on a come first basis as space on The Diabetic Friend website allows. The Diabetic Friend will determine the validity of the not for profit ad and the submitting organization.


Banner Exchange
From time to time, The Diabetic Friend will exchange tiles or banners with websites that may not be diabetic or health related in nature.  This is strictly for ‘promotional purposes’ and to help both parties increase their presence on the web on a no cost basis for either The Diabetic Friend or the respected partner.
For more information please contact
Advertising policies are subject to change at any time.