About The Diabetic Friend Mission StatementThe goal and objective of The Diabetic Friend website is to help not only diabetics but potential pre-diabetics and be a resource for friends and family members that are interested or have concerns about diabetes and want to help their diabetic friends.

This site is intended for use by the general public.

The information on the site is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and or a replacement for one’s Medical Doctor, Nutritionist or other Health Care Professional in the diabetic patient’s team.

From time to time we will publish articles from qualified diabetic experts. These articles are clearly identified acknowledging the professional as well as associated medical credentials.

Our writers and Staff strive to share a variety of a news stories, stories of other diabetics, the latest discoveries and other topics of interest in the diabetic community.

Articles about The Diabetic Friend have been published in several south Florida news publications.

The Diabetic Friend was created by  Mark E. Welch, a published author  upon being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. His mission was to create a diabetic website that helps people and communities for the growing number of diabetics worldwide. Diabetes is a world wide epidemic. Type 1 diabetes that is diagnosed late in life  is NOT a kids disease as once described as Juvenile Diabetes. Anyone can acquire it at any time. Thankfully, type 2 diabetes can be reversed. For those that cannot reverse their illness, there is an abundance of information on this site to help you cope. For those that are type two diabetics, there is a lot of information on our site that can help you to reverse diabetes.

Welcome to the Diabetic Friend! Please feel free to contact us with any question you might have.

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