Hypoglycemia During Sleep Is Possible

With the very young and the elderly, diabetes can play havoc during sleep. Hypoglycemia During Sleep Is Possible.  First things first, what is nocturnal hypoglycemia? This is hypoglycemia that occurs when a person is sleeping. This is specifically anywhere between the injection in the evening and in the morning when getting up. Symptoms The symptoms…

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My Diabetic Mom

Written By:  Lenore Taylor My name is Lenore and my mother developed diabetes when she was 40 years old, and lived until 84. My Diabetic Mom.  She was at one time over 250lbs and lost weight to 140lbs when she discovered she was diabetic.  My mom was about 5’6-8″ tall.  Every morning she took insulin…

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How important is testing your blood sugar levels?

Testing on a regular basis and recording the results not only benefits you, it also provides invaluable information for your doctor. How important is testing your blood sugar levels?  Monitoring your blood sugar levels on a regular basis helps one keep control of their diabetes.  Testing provides invaluable data for not only the diabetic but…

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Diabetes Rapidly Rising Worldwide

Diabetes Cases Double to 347 Million Worldwide   By Angela Haupt –     Nearly 10 percent of adults worldwide have diabetes, and new research suggests the rate of new cases is rising rapidly. Diabetes Rapidly Rising Worldwide.  Over the past three decades, the number of adults with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes…

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Blue light used to treat diabetes

Written By Tina Hesman Saey Web edition : Friday, June 24th, 2011 Blue light used to treat diabetes.  Blue lights activate specially engineered cells implanted under mice’s skin to make a protein that helps control blood sugar levels. The new technique employs a light-sensitive protein from the retina to manipulate the biochemistry of the cell…

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The Artificial Pancreas

Scientists race to make the closed-loop glucose management system a reality By Erika Gebel, PhD The Artificial Pancreas.  Though he’d spent a day and night in the hospital, Thomas Brobson was perky and grinning at 8:30 the next morning. “I’m feeling great,” said Brobson, who has type 1 diabetes. “I haven’t stuck my finger in 24…

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