Maya Angelo

Maya AngeloMaya Angelo is an amazing woman and success story.  Without the support she received and the directions she chose to take, things may have turned our different for her.  Using her own determination to succeed along with a strong support group and some luck, Maya Angelo has become a very revered person.  This paper will explore what might have happened to Ms. Angelo had the support not been given to her and had she not made the right decisions.

Early Years

Having a family break apart at a young age can be devastating (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).  If her parents had not separated Ms. Angelou may not have gone to live with her grandmother and not have benefited from the elder instilling personal strength and cultural heritage beliefs upon the young girl (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).

Additional trauma ensued upon returning home to her mother (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).    Abuse and self blame resulted in Ms. Angelou to retreat into own self and not speak for a number of years (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).   If she had not been forced by her father to return to her mother, phusical abuse would not have occurred (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).

Bertha Flowers

One of the most influential people in young Angelou’s life was Bertha Flowers, a teacher and family friend that deeply impacted the girl’s life (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).  Ms Flowers helped Ms. Angelou find her voice and instilled literature and creativity upon the girl (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).  Had she not returned to her grandmother Ms. Angelou may have never regained her voice nor benefited from Ms. Flowers kindness (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).

Other Notable Influences

Meeting Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. had a strong positive effect in Ms. Angelou’s life (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).  Their assignations may have been even more prolific for her (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).  If these men had not died so horrifically, Ms. Angelou would not have written her novel, I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).   By not publishing this international acclaimed novel she may not have gone on to write 30 more (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).


What this woman went through at an early age is not only difficult but wrong . Her strength and the ‘partial’ support group she had needs to be studied and stat(Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).  By becoming pregnant at an early age she was forced to become responsible for another life (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).

Through her grandmother she found strength to continue on at a young age (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009 (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).  Meeting the right people along with the people she directly associated gave her the strength to move forward.

Choosing prostitution is desperation to survive, yet it can be viewed as a way out of a situation (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).  This woman was born into a world of undeserved persecution, no chance at a proper education and was treated as a lesser person due to the time(Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).  She persevered against all odds (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).

Once given the chance, her attitude and self will to succeed drove her to become one of the greatest black women of the 20th century (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).  This is a prime example of how a positive attitude in the fore front of adversity can lead to achieving one’s goals and stamping a legacy on a life (Kemler, Elizabeth. 2009).  This remarkable woman needs to be admired and respected.

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