Kiwa celebrating her new video trailer!

Kiwa celebrating her new video trailer!Hi! My name is Kiwa! Welcome to my little lagoon!
Join me on my great adventure to find my lost Mamma.

Kiwa celebrating her new video trailer!  We will travel through the sea and meet all sorts of new friends! Seals, turtles, pelicans, whales and even other dolphins!

There are dangers waiting for us as well. Come with me and meet Orca, a very angry killer whale!

Will we find my lost mamma? Come along with me and find out!

The author takes us on an adventure that binds what humanity holds endearing; the love for the creatures that share this world with us.

This story is centered on a young dolphin named Kiwa that has to find her own in a troubled sea filled with dangers and challenges. Having lost her mother to fishermen, she takes the challenge to go find her and finds herself along the way. Colorful characters and Kiwa’s refusal to give up leads the reader on a wonderful journey.

The book is available on and Barnes & Noble as a paperback
as well as an e-book for Kindle and Nook.
The ePub from Barnes and Noble can also be read on an iPad with iBooks.
We hope you will enjoy the adventure’s of Kiwa and her friends!

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