In the Kitchen with Rose Bolen

In the Kitchen with Rose BolenWe welcome our new contributing chef!
Rose is no stranger to diabetes. 8 years ago, her husband was diagnosed with the chronic disease and she immediately had to revise how she cooked meals for the family.

In the Kitchen with Rose Bolen.  Born in Lebanon, Pennsylvania in 1945, she eventually moved to Maryland. In the 22 years time she has become a proud mother of a daughter, 2 step daughters as well as 5 grandsons, 3 grand daughters, 1 great grandson and 2 great grand daughters!

Rose learned to cook at an early age from her grand mom and her Aunt Rose; everything they knew including baking.

“I love to cook”, Rose says with a smile.

Mrs. Bolen also enjoys crochet, knitting, making beaded Christmas balls, indulging with the difficult ‘counted cross stitch‘, “When I can concentrate”, she says with another smile, as well as needlepoint and enjoying reading a good book.

Rose’s latest recipe’s can be found under recipes in Rose’s Kitchen.


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