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Restaurants can be diabetic friendly

For some people, eating out is an occasional indulgence. For others, it’s a way of life. Either way, moderate portions and careful choices can help you make restaurant meals part of your overall plan for diabetes nutrition. Research restaurant menus Restaurants can be diabetic friendly.  Make restaurant meals a healthy part of your diabetes meal…

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How important is testing your blood sugar levels?

Testing on a regular basis and recording the results not only benefits you, it also provides invaluable information for your doctor. How important is testing your blood sugar levels?  Monitoring your blood sugar levels on a regular basis helps one keep control of their diabetes.  Testing provides invaluable data for not only the diabetic but…

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Breast feeding may reduce Diabetes risk

Study Shows Breastfeeding for 1 Month May Help Prevent Diabetes By Kathleen Doheny | WebMD Health News | Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD Aug. 27, 2010 — Breast feeding may reduce Diabetes risk later in life, according to a new study. The breastfeeding and diabetes link has been reported in other studies, according to researcher…

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Mark’s Diagnosis Story

  Mark E. Welch is the founder of  The Diabetic Friend, a published author of  a children’s book and a diabetic. Mark’s Diagnosis Story.  I  learned about Diabetes at an early age as my grandmother Bessie had diabetes. My mothers father was diabetic as well as my aunt.  Diabetes is inherited through blood lines. Grandma…

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