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Do Obese Patients Preempt Their Own Preventive Care?

By  Jennifer Shine Dyer, MD, MPH Do Obese Patients Preempt Their Own Preventive Care?  A study published recently in JAMA evaluated the quality of preventive medical care provided by physicians to obese patients.[1] This study was undertaken to address previous studies in which physicians openly admitted to having negative attitudes toward obese patients, with many…

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Cheese vs Milk The Carb Difference

Ever wonder why drinking a glass of milk can spike you to the moon while eating a couple slices of cheese does not?  Cheese vs Milk:  The Carb Difference Cheese vs Milk The Carb Difference.  How can 1 cup of 1% milk have about 100 calories and 12g of carbs while cheese made from 1%…

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Diabetes and Stroke

What is a stroke? Diabetes and Stroke.  A stroke, sometimes called a “brain attack”, occurs when blood supply to part of your brain is interrupted and brain tissue is damaged. The most common cause is a blocked blood vessel. Stroke can cause physical problems such as paralysis, problems with thinking or speaking, and emotional problems….

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A Food Culture Change Is Upon Us

by Jennifer Shine Dyer, M.D. As a pediatric endocrinologist, I am on the frontline of the childhood obesity epidemic. In fact, I am now seeing 100-pound two year olds and 150-pound three-year-old kids in my clinic and I am concerned. The obesity epidemic is perpetuated by a processed food-culture that lacks healthier local whole foods. A…

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