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The Effects of Diabetes on a Non-Diabetic

Sixteen years ago, diabetes was just a word to me. By:  Denise Thalman The Effects of Diabetes on a Non-Diabetic. I didn’t know anyone who had it, I didn’t know anything about it.  Now, one in five people that I know has it.  It is all around me.  Although, I don’t personally suffer from it,…

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The 27lb cat and his story of Diabetes

A personal story of love and dedication By Christi Henderson Colman Every time I see any information about diabetes, I always think of Max, because he is where I had all my experience with the disease. The 27lb cat and his story of Diabetes.  Max was a very sweet cat and a diabetic. We adopted…

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stephen king

Dining Out, Hit or Miss

By Evan Koenig It was a normal restaurant, not a chain or a high-priced one.  She was an average waitress, the kind who writes your orders down carefully in her ticket pad.  It was a regular night out for us, the type we enjoy once or twice a month.   Dining Out, Hit or Miss….

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Diabetes Success Story Jennifer Atkins

Jennifer Atkins, age 40 Location: Folsom, Calif. Diabetes Success Story Jennifer Atkins Diabetes Success Story Jennifer Atkins.  I have watched so many of my family members fight against diabetes. And now it’s my turn to stop it. My parents both have type 2 diabetes. My mother, Stephanie Foote, is insulin dependent and has worked hard…

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Mike Golic to Help Raise Awareness of Managing Diabetes

American Diabetes Wholesale interviews retired NFL star and current ESPN radio personality to help spread awareness on how to better control your blood sugar levels and manage diabetes successfully. Pompano Beach, FL (PRWEB) November 23, 2011 Mike Golic to Help Raise Awareness of Managing Diabetes. Mike Golic was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes In football,…

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