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Cheese vs Milk The Carb Difference

Ever wonder why drinking a glass of milk can spike you to the moon while eating a couple slices of cheese does not?  Cheese vs Milk:  The Carb Difference Cheese vs Milk The Carb Difference.  How can 1 cup of 1% milk have about 100 calories and 12g of carbs while cheese made from 1%…

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Is Sugar Addictive?

By Irene Rubaum-Keller Writer, Psychotherapist Is Sugar Addictive? We think it is. We have enough scientific evidence now to tell us that we can train ourselves to crave, to build tolerance and to experience withdrawal when we ingest a lot of refined sugar. These are the hallmarks of addiction. Craving, tolerance and withdrawal. Is Sugar…

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Dealing with Diabetes in the Winter

Diabetes is a common disease among people with developmental disabilities. It is serious throughout the entire year, but there may be special factors for you to consider during the winter months. By reading this article, you will learn about diabetes and how to support individuals during the winter. What is diabetes? Dealing with Diabetes in…

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Warm up This Fall With Diabetic Approved Soups

What is your favorite type of soup? Warm up This Fall With Diabetic Approved Soups.  If you’re like me, nothing puts you more in the mood for warm, tasty soups than fall weather. Spending a day outside raking and playing in the leaves is the perfect way to take advantage of the crisp fall air…

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Thyroid Disease and Diabetes

Thyroid disease is common in the general population, and the prevalence increases with age. The assessment of thyroid function by modern assays is both reliable and inexpensive. Screening for thyroid dysfunction is indicated in certain high-risk groups, such as neonates and the elderly. By Patricia Wu, MD, FACE, FRCP   Thyroid Disease and Diabetes.  Hypothyroidism…

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First Plug-In Glucose Meter for the iPhone

By AmyT September 26, 2011 I’m very fortunate — and geekishly thrilled! — to be the first U.S. diabetic to review the new iBGStar, glucose meter and logging app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Yup, it’s that meter that plugs right into an iPhone! And nope, it’s not FDA approved or available on the…

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