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Diabetes Should Change your mental diet

By Loretta Broome, MHA, CPhT Diabetes Should Change your mental diet As a Pharmacy Technician since 1999, I have many encounters with patients that are fighting the “Diabetes Battle”.  Some patients were Type 1 Diabetics (autoimmune disorder) and some patients were Type 2 Diabetics (diet induced).  Through my experience and continuing education through my Pharmacy…

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Thyroid Disease and Diabetes

July 12, 2015| by The American Diabetes Association Thyroid Disease and Diabetes Diabetes and thyroid disease are both endocrine, or hormone, problems. When thyroid disease occurs in someone with diabetes, it can make blood glucose control more difficult. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in your lower neck just beneath your skin. It regulates your body’s…

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Alzheimer’s New Name: Type 3 Diabetes

July 11, 2015| by Diabetes Health When news about a startling new insight into the cause of Alzheimer’s disease first emerged in 2005, it was highly speculative. But now the evidence for it has become very strong: Alzheimer’s is a form of diabetes, and the name being given to it is type 3 diabetes. In…

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bipolar disorder and type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) rates are three times higher in patients with bipolar disorder (BD), compared to the general population. Bipolar disorder and type 2 diabetes.  This is a major contributing factor to the elevated risk of cardiovascular mortality, the leading cause of death in bipolar patients. There may be shared pathophysiology linking the…

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Do Obese Patients Preempt Their Own Preventive Care?

By  Jennifer Shine Dyer, MD, MPH Do Obese Patients Preempt Their Own Preventive Care?  A study published recently in JAMA evaluated the quality of preventive medical care provided by physicians to obese patients.[1] This study was undertaken to address previous studies in which physicians openly admitted to having negative attitudes toward obese patients, with many…

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Diabetes can create a skin disorder

Diabetic Skin Conditions By: TakeaChillPillYo Diabetes can create a skin disorder.  Everyone knows about the major long and short term complications of diabetes. But, when I first got my insulin pump, I discovered what many of my patients were aware of, and that is that skin conditions come with having diabetes. I can remember saying…

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